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As a young company Talos is growing every day.  Talos concentrates on creating health web events, to build awareness on disease management and brings knowledge into everyone’s reach.  Our website is a place where we can express our actions, communicate about new events and engage with our readers. We are not the first and probably not the last company to put the healthcare topics on the table. Yet, our blog is meant to mirror our actions for patients, healthcare specialists, caregivers or just about anyone who is interested in healthcare topics! Talos’ ambition is to develop a series of events dedicated to chronic diseases.

As The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies indicates in “Tackling chronic disease in Europe” chronic diseases is the main cause of mortality in Europe. Center for Disease Control and Prevention  indicates that each second person in USA has at least 1 chronic disease.  It affects us all, if not having a chronic condition, we have someone dear to have it, as 65.7 million people (almost 30%) in US are unpaid caregiversThese are all people around us, family members, friends, spouses, kids. It has an impact our work capacity, on the everyday mood, on the budget, but also on our life expectancy.  World Health Organization has set in 2005 an objective to diminish additionally by 2% annually the mortality rate caused by chronic disease until this year. What would lead to the prevention of 36 million premature deaths by 2015. Chronic diseases have the specific aspect, they need long-term and elaborated treatment , implicating various health specialists.

The healthcare environment is facing unprecedented challenges as a consequence of demographic, epidemiological and socio-cultural changes. Europe’s population is aging to the extent that by 2050, one in three Europeans will be 65+, resulting in an increasing demand for healthcare. The aging population and the modernization of lifestyles have also resulted in the rising prevalence of various chronic conditions. As a result, there is an increased need for all healthcare systems to improve their cost-efficiency and reduce a year-on-year rise in healthcare expenditure. In this regard, it is widely acknowledged that 70% to 80% of healthcare costs are spent on chronic diseases. The expenses on treatment account for 97% of all health expenses whereas only 3% is invested in prevention.

The internet has brought a new way for patients to collect information about disease and disease management. Many of us go online to search symptoms, causes, cures, treatments and for medicine. A survey of 12.000 people in 12 countries shows that 75% of participants look for information on health issues on the Internet. The challenge with this is: an overflow of information, questions about quality, unknown sources and not knowing if it is even recent. This leads to higher anxiety and risk for the patients. A study published by the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience of Baylor University, Texas, shows that the unlimited and unverified supply of medical information online causes anxiety in the users and generates what has been defined as “Cyberchondria”, a condition that exacerbates health anxiety.

Talos angle of action is unique. By organizing Health Web Events, Talos connects experts and key opinion leaders with patients. They have the opportunity to communicate, ask questions, participate in and access surveys. We are offer access to top health data to everyone, while connecting those who provide information with those who need it.

 By organizing web-conferences around topical health-related issues through our cutting edge technology, Talos HS contributes to giving medical personnel and patients access to high quality information and updates, therefore allowing to become informed protagonists of their own health. This is made possible through our unique web platform “Health Web Events” and through the deployment of a model that ensures that the information provided is of high quality and independent.

We welcome you on Talos Health Solutions blog! We are committed to make from this blog your primary source of information relating healthcare congresses!




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