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The responsible entity for the treatment of personal data is:

whose registered office is at Witte Paterstraat 4
1040 BRUSSELS, with registered number 0841.599.219
E-mail:[email protected]


Access to the information on the Website is subject to the terms and conditions of use described hereafter.
By browsing and using this Website, you are automatically and unconditionally agreeing to be bound exclusively by all the following terms and conditions of use. If you disagree, please do not use the Website.
THS reserves the right to amend or modify these terms and conditions, access to the Website and the contents of Website at all time, without prior notice. It is therefore recommended to consult them regularly.


Access to the information that is available via or on the Website is granted, in principle, without the requirement of having to communicate data of a personal nature such as name, address, e-mail address, etc.
It is possible, however, that some personal data, contact details in particular, are requested in view of the provision of additional services (requests for information, for obtaining membership, registering for THS events, the newsletter, etc.).
In such cases the requested data shall be treated in accordance with the dispositions of the law of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection.

In particular, your data will be used:

1. for our administrative management of members/non-members;

2. in case you ticked the relevant box on our Website granting the permission to be kept up to date via electronic mail of our services and activities and those of our partners, in accordance with the goals of our association.

The collected personal data shall only be used in the framework of the two above mentioned goals. Moreover, the second goal is subject to the involved person’s prior approval.

In accordance with the law of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection with regard to the treatment of personal data, THS grants you the rights to access, correct and destroy your personal data : n° CPVP : VT005035645


In order to better tailor the Website to the wishes and needs of the user and in order to allow for smooth technical management, it will be possible, on occasion, to use “cookie technology”.
A “cookie” is a small file trough which a Website stores data in the Internet browser of the computer of a user. Said “cookie” can be reapplied upon the next visit of the same website. This “cookie” cannot be read by other websites. The Website uses “cookies” for administrative purposes, e.g. for the registration of a particular preference which a user has for certain data. As such, the user will not be required to provide the same data each time it visits the Website to obtain information on the websites it has consulted or on the date and time thereof.
The majority of the “cookies” only remain active for the duration of one visit of the Website. The user can also configure its browser so that it is warned each time a “cookie” is produced or in order to avoid the registration of “cookies”.
THS does not exercise any control over the use of cookies by third parties, such as e.g. advertisers, nor does it exercise any control over cookies originating from the usage of parts of the Website which are hosted by third parties.
Should the user not wish to store any cookies on its computer, it can activate said option on its browser. In some cases, the deactivation of cookies may, however, render the access to certain sections of the Website more difficult or even prevent such access.


The Website is protected as a creation through copyright. The brands, logos, graphic creations, photographs, animations, videos and text on the Website are the intellectual property of THS and its partners. As a consequence and at the risk of judicial action, they may not be copied, used or depicted without THS’ prior, written approval.
The creation of a hyperlink to the homepage of the Website: http://www.healthwebevents.com is allowed provided that it only links to the web address. Any hyperlink to an interior page of the Website is prohibited without THS’ explicit, prior approval.


As a user of the Website you can enrich it contents with video, audio, documents, text, photographs, etc. (the “Contributions”).

You hereby grant your permission to THS to reproduce these Contributions, to share them with the public (and to undertake all the necessary steps required to do so), and to do so with all the appropriate means, for the whole world, for the duration of the intellectual property and without financial compensation.

THS expressly rejects any responsibility with regard to these Contributions. As a consequence, THS does not bear any responsibility with regard to the lawfulness, the correctness of the contents of the Contributions and the proper functioning and/or the adequacy of the goods and services that might be brought up in those Contributions. You shall personally bear all responsibility in this regard.

You declare and guarantee that you dispose of the required permissions for THS to use the Contributions in the manner described above. As a consequence, you take on the obligation not to supply any Contributions to which third parties may have rights (including the right to privacy and the right to depiction, i.e. as concerns photographs) without the explicit, prior approval of said third parties.

You shall hold THS harmless against any action or complaint of third parties (including public authorities) with regard to these Contributions.

THS reserves the right to delete any Contribution that violates these terms of use or with regard to which THS might have received complaints. THS may make use of this right at all time, without prior notice and without justification.

Insofar as possible, THS shall be entitled to monitor these Contributions, without any obligation, however, to subject all Contributions to prior control. THS therefore invites you to contact it (through the contact details in article 1 of these terms of use) in order to communicate any unlawful, incorrect, defamatory or indecent content or any infringement of your rights. Should you file a complaint against THS, you shall guarantee that such claim shall be founded and justified. You are fully liable for the contents of this complaint and for the measures which THS might take as a consequence of your complaint (such as e.g. the deletion of these Contributions).


7.1 Contents of the Website
The information which is provided via the Website is regularly reviewed and revised. However, THS can never be held liable for the contents of the Website and the direct or indirect use thereof. As a consequence, THS rejects any liability and does not offer any guarantee with regard to the products and services that are provided through the Website. It guarantees neither the correctness, nor the lawfulness of the data that is published on the Website or offered through the Website.
THS has the right to modify the content data on the Website at all time without prior notification to the users.
THS cannot guarantee that all sections of the Website be available at all time without errors or interruptions or that all errors be rectified immediately or that the Website or the infrastructure which allows access to the Website shall not be afflicted by a virus or by another harmful element.
THS cannot be held liable for loss or damage (direct or indirect, material or immaterial) originating form the use of the Website or the impossibility to use the Website.
7.2 Hyperlinks
The Website contains links to other websites which are not a part of THS. THS cannot be held liable for the contents of these websites or for the consequence of their consultation or use.


If all or a part of the stipulations of these terms of use are deemed null, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining stipulations will remain applicable and shall in no case be deemed null.
The entirely or partially null, invalid or unenforceable stipulation shall be considered not to be included in these terms of use. THS undertakes to replace such a stipulation by a new one which, insofar as possible, shall have the same function.


These terms of use are governed by Belgian law and only the courts of Brussels shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising from these terms of use with regard to the Website.

Drawn up in June 2012

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