Hot season, mosquitoes and infectious diseases

Fine weather, even hot for this time of the year keeps us outside long after sunset. We like nighttime promenades and open windows during sleep. There is no time to think about the fact that our joy for open air activities are perfect time slots for mosquitoes. Wait, summer is just around the corner!

tiger mosquitoThose located in countries with temperate climates would only experience a cutaneous itchy discomfort caused by mosquitoes and know how to face the two-winged insects by using products available in stores. Yet those living in tropical and subtropical regions fear mosquitoes, as they are infectious diseases (ID) vectors for malaria, West Nile fever, encephalitis, dengue etc.

 World mobility nowadays, easy travel and international transports facilitate easier spread of tropical diseases. This is the case of Asian tiger mosquito brought in Belgium with old tires or bamboo plants through ports and airports.

During 2013 and 2014 some 39 larvae and 4 mosquitoes were found in this west coast country.  Tiger mosquito spreads viral diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. For several days already, the local media questions the risks of its presence in the country. Even though Belgium has oceanic climate, different that the environment where tiger mosquito inhabits,  Isra Deblauwe, entomologist from Tropical Medicine Institute Anvers (Belgium), indicates that mild summers in Belgium might create a comfortable zone for the Asian mosquito in the future. The Asian mosquito has already mobilized healthcare specialist in France and the establishment of its species in Europe is closely monitored by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Millions of people annually are affected by tropical infectious diseases. WHO reports over 390 million dengue infections per year, yet the global burden seems to be uncertain. The organization attests 1.9 million with chikungunya in India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and Thailand, and in 2007 first cases reported in Europe, Italy. Specialists report no definitive treatment or antiviral drug was found for chikungunya. There are no approved vaccines for the dengue fever.

Dengue and chikungunya are the infectious diseases less known of their large spectrum comparing to  HIV/Aids, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Malaria or  Ebola.

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